Accommodations in
Santa Margalida


Welcome to our grandparents’ Mallorca! Sa Lluna Blava is an ancient house located in a central street of the town of Santa Margalida.


Modern and comfortable 250 m² villa on a closed plot of 7103 m² composed of 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, laundry, enclosed porch and balcony.

Santa Margalida, a hidden gem on the stunning island of Mallorca, promises a serene and picturesque setting that captivates travelers. Discover the essence of this charming town with us through our exclusive accommodations.

A home away from home: Accommodations in Santa Margalida

Our accommodations in Santa Margalida are designed to be your personal refuge in this magical corner of Mallorca. From cozy country houses to luxurious villas with panoramic views, we offer a variety of options to meet your travel needs and expectations.

In the heart of culture: Rentals in Santa Margalida

Opting for our rentals in Santa Margalida places you in the heart of a rich and authentic culture. Local markets, traditional restaurants, and fascinating historical monuments are just a step away from your accommodation, ready to explore and enjoy.

Simple steps towards perfect vacations

Making your reservation with us is like preparing a delicious paella: first you choose the ingredients (your ideal accommodation), then you mix well (you send us your request), let everything simmer slowly (we confirm your reservation) and finally enjoy your exquisite dish (your vacations!).

Your dream journey starts here

The serene beauty of Santa Margalida is calling you. Can you hear it? It’s in the waves gently kissing the shore, in the wind whispering through the almond fields, and in the sun illuminating its historic architecture.

Can you imagine waking up to the sound of the waves and the smell of the Mediterranean Sea? Or perhaps you prefer the quiet setting and stunning landscapes of a country house? Whatever your preference, we are here to make it come true.

Don’t hesitate. Make it real. A trip to Santa Margalida is an experience for the senses and the soul, and it starts with the perfect accommodation.

Book today! Explore our accommodation options and start dreaming about your next vacation in Santa Margalida. Our team is here to help you and ensure a stress-free vacation in this beautiful destination.

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